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Paladins - Overview

If you don't know what Paladins is it is currently in beta mode and free to the public. It's a very skillful team based game that relays on team work & strategy. A little run down of how a game goes, each user selects a champion.
    Each champion has unique skills & abilities, They are also classed into 4 classes.
-Front Line: The key to holding down an objective as they have high health and strong attacks, usually pretty slow moving though. 
-Damage: Deals a deadly amount of damage with an okay amount of health. Good back up for tanks, should remain close to the objective to  help clear it.
-Support: usually low damage dealing but very useful, as they can keep tanks and damage players alive after a tough battle.
-Flank: High damage low health, fast moving champion. Very good at cleaning up the people focused on the tank or other players.

After picking a champion and your card load out (card usually change cool down time, adds healing, increase movement speed, etc) The game we start shortly. There are 3 Game modes.
-Payload: Payload one team pushes the payload at a time, they are given seven minutes. The other team must stop them and then either push it all the way fastest, or the farthest.
-Siege: in order to win Siege you need 4 points. Points are gained by three ways, Capturing the objective, pushing the objective to the enemies spawn, or stopping the enemy push. To push the payload you simply need to be standing by it with out any enemies around. 
-Onslaught: Is team death match/ king of the hill, with a single life. you gain points by killing the enemy or capturing the middle of the map. When the time gets low deadly fog pushes everyone towards the center.

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